Rock Surveyor Surface File

I am after the resulting bare earth surface after processing that is utilized to create final contours. I see I can export the contours(vectors) as dxf and that works great. But how do I export a representation of the bare earth surface that is utilized to create the contours? I see that I can export the Surveyor Tin to a .ply file. I am not familiar with how I could get that to a standard format. Would it be possible to get that TIN to kick out as a dxf with the TRImesh exposed? Or a workflow that would allow me to get that .ply file to some sort of standard mesh file I can bring into CAD. Thanks


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or even better a xml file would be great

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@elijahvoigt what software are you trying to import into? Most software has been able to import using either PLY or the DEM.

@Alex ultimately Trimble business center, but I was just trying to get it into AutoCAD to start. How would you import that file type into AutoCAD?

In order to directly import the PLY into AutoCAD you will need to convert it:

There are plugins or scripts that allows the conversion:

Alternatively, you can import the tif dem as a surface.

Got the dem into c3d importing as surface. Thanks! I am still not sure how to work with such a dense file type in our standard survey work flows. Surveyors work with TINs(irregular network). I cant figure out how to get a dem to a lightweight version that is not just a grid that would not represent any ground break lines anyway. I hear you might eventually allow a xml export…what would that consist of? Just a symmetrical point and mesh based grid, or would it produce more of a traditional TIN?

It will be a landXML file. See Solved: Re: How to convert LANDXML data to TIN surface - Autodesk Community

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