ROCK Base Install

I recently installed a ROCK Base on the roof. Here’s how it went!

I live in a semi urban environment. Houses are relatively close together.

To get the absolute best antenna reception (100% horizon to horizon) I decided to mount the antenna to the peak of my roof. To do this, I purchased a steel weathervane roof mount.

When screwing the mount to the roof I used Black Polyurethane Roof and Flashing Sealant.

I also made sure that the antenna was level and the antenna cable was zip-tied to the antenna mast to avoid and strain.

Lastly, I ran the cable through the radon mitigation vent that exits the roof about 15 feet from the peak of the roof. Once in the vent I drilled a hole through the pvc vent in the attic and pulled the antenna cable through.

The supplied cable was too short for my application. Any additional longer cable requires a size increase in the cable. I opted for TNC Male to SMA Male Cable Using LMR-400-UF Coax with HeatShrink sold by Pasternack. This cable is expensive but it allows for loss of less than 10 db over the 30m length of the wire.

I already had power in the attic so all I had to do was plug in the ROCK Base and start serving up corrections.

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