Power Substation | Demo Project

Data captured with the ROCK R1A on the DJI M210 drone. The approximate time for flying the mission, including equipment setup and tear-down, was 1 hr. For the complex structure, a cross-hatch mission was flown to capture the best detail.


Rock Robotic R1A

DJI M210

North of Palo Alto

Why is this project interesting
This project shows the accuracy of the R1A with building a 3D model of an intricate electric power substation.

Alex. Thanks for sharing. What was the payload used? Do you have any technical specifications on the capture you could share? I’m curious about the points per square meter. Thanks!

This project was flown with the ROCK R1A. You can see the flight lines on the map view on the project. You can see all of it on the free version of the ROCK cloud. Just go to cloud.rockrobotic.com and log on or create an account. Then you can go to the Power Substation project and see all the details.

I believe it is over 800 pts/m2 I will double check. It is also classified too! looks crazy good.

Flight plan was flown at 50m AGL and a cross hatch pattern with flight line spacing of about 35m

Interesting. Thank you for sharing!

This is impressive, Harrison. I know that Jeff Cozart and I really like what you guys are building. I would love to hop on a call next week. Cheers!