OPUS Solutions with Emlid Reach RS2 Base Station

The ROCK R1A Survey package includes the Emlid Reach RS2 GNSS receiver as its base station. From time to time you may need to get an OPUS solution using the logged RINEX data on the device. OPUS can sometimes have trouble with the Emlid Reach RS2 data. Below is a solution that has worked for me:

  1. Download RTKLIB from Emlid (or the open source version)

  2. Open RTKCONV

  3. Select the RINEX file you downloaded from your EMLID Reach RS2
    Select to output as RINEX with an interval of 1s
    Select the output directory and name the new obs

  4. Click Options…
    Set the following options and select ‘OK’

  5. Click Convert

Upload this data to OPUS and be sure to select the EML_REACH_RS2 antenna.

Other problems encountered:

  1. From time to time I get an error:

9011 OPUS could not process the data file that was submitted. The data was
9011 either very noisy or it was collected in kinematic mode.Or OPUS software
9011 has issue during this time, please reupload later.

To fix this, cut some observations off of the beginning and end of the file: