OPUS BETA SITE Issues and questions

The new OPUS site seems to provide more data on the processing and I have heard will accept the EMLID files without having to process through RTKConv program. Two questions: 1. The BETA site does not have the EMLID antenna model. Can you work to get that installed or what one of the hundreds they have there can be used 2. Can you verify that the BETA site has the fixes for the timing issue that requires the RTKConv program.

I recently got the original OPUS site to accept the raw Rinex file from my Elmid base. And it has the RS2 antenna. I have not tried the beta site yet.
The raw file does not need RTKconv. OPUS is very picky if you run it thru that.

I sent an email to ngs.antcal@noaa.gov to see if they can add the Emlid RS2 antenna profile to the beta site. I’ll post here when I get a response.

Are there any issues using the Emlid raw rinex file in OPUS? What have you guys found to give the best solution?

@FabreEngineering see OPUS Solutions with Emlid Reach RS2 Base Station

I got RTKconv working. Do you have experience using the raw rinex file? seems to save a step

@FabreEngineering can you explain further what you mean by “using the raw rinex file”?

Reachview has an option to log a “raw” rinex file which loads to OPUS without using RTKconvert

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Yes, I am logging the raw RINEX data. Sometimes it will work when loading directly to OPUS, but sometimes OPUS sends back errors. The post linked above is for situations where OPUS sends back an error.

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Got it. I must have been lucky using the raw rinex so far.
The Emlid is a little buggy with my lidar too.