Mission Planning Software for M300

I’m new to mission planning and just purchased an M300 and R2A. I’m having to topo 2 miles of ranch road along with the adjoining cut and fill slopes . There is 800 feet of elevation difference within this section of road and the property is remote. I’m assuming I need to implement terrain following to get accurate data. What would be the recommended mission planning software? Any advice on the best way to plan this mission?


Yep. Definitely need terrain following for this one. Some good info is on this thread: 400 Acre site guidelines

DJI Pilot works okay for linear missions. On the R2A, the camera will control for overlap. Just watch out to make sure your trigger timing matches (from App to Sensor) to get an accurate front lap.

If you can provide a google earth area / line I can give you more thoughts… but until then, best of luck.

If you don’t want to use DJI Pilot then your only other option is UgCS.

Either way these settings will help

Custom camera settings.

Define a new camera called: R2A

Define the width = 6000 px

Define the Height = 4000 px

Sensor Size (Width) = 23.5 mm

Sensor Size (Height) = 15.6 mm

Pixel Pitch = 3.9

Focal Length = 18 mm

Now when you mission plan, you can select this camera and plan a flight plan with 30%-50% side overlap and put the front overlap at the minimum amount possible.