Make Video Game with R2A

Ok, so I am starting a journey to make a video game map with LiDAR. I am not sure where to begin or how to get to the final deliverable, but the idea is to map a real world environment and turn this into a map in either an existing game engine - like COD or CSGO or to go from scratch and make some game engine physics. Anyone have any experience in this area?

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no experience but I would look into unreal engine I know its great for game development and probably has a feature where a 3D model can be imported fairly easily.

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+1 for using Unreal Engine. I shared an example point cloud import and some links here: Kevin N. Murphy - Nice to meet you all - #5 by knmurphy

This is showing some TouchOSC control stuff as well as LiDAR point cloud use, Unreal Engine UE4 / Lidar Point Cloud / Leica BLK360 / OSC Plugin Realtime Automation Ipad / Iphone - YouTube. Unreal Engine 4.27 supports .laz and .las but he’s on an older version (4.25) in the video.

One great thing about using UE is they have the starter maps where a player pawn is already setup and mapped to controls etc so can get you going pretty quick. There is a pretty rad pixel streaming feature that got polished up a lot. That would let you deploy the ‘game’ you make but stream it to mobile devices like iphone/ipad through a web browser and in browser controls. Pixel Streaming | Unreal Engine Documentation
LiDAR Point Cloud Plugin | Unreal Engine Documentation

Excited to see what you come up with!