Base projection using GCP

If I place my base station on a known point on the site and plan to use it as the XYZ in PCMaster how would I convert my GCP given by the surveyor to Longitude and Latitude for PCMaster?

Surveyor gives points in NAD83 / South Carolina International Feet:
X: 1811133.64500
Y: 1187778.61850
Z: 679.51250

How would I convert a point like this to go into PCMaster XYZ for base projections?

Your data collector should be able to convert your x,y,z to lat/long… just ask the surveyor for this.

If not, there are many online geographic calculators that do exactly what you ask.

Just remember to keep your chosen coordinate system in mind… its easy to get this wrong.

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Dig deeper Ray. Do you have any useful links?

Why yes, I do…
I found these links helpful in my discovery research:

This link will help you take D°M’S" to the decimal degrees to 12 numbers past the decimal (way more precise than a 6 number past the decimal conversion):

This Pamphlet, linked below, explains differences between Canada and USA… its good background data for us geodesy geeks who travel:


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