Anyway to recover this?

I flew a scan today, thought everything went well. When I process I get this…

What can I do?

I have been here too…
Question 1:
When you were coming to land, did you somehow fly backwards? That will generate this error.

Question 2:
You thought all went well… but in the middle of the flight, did the R2A choke? (that’s happened too)

Question 3:
Did you save a virgin copy of your data? If so, delete the current and re-load a fresh copy.

I copied the data original over again. Same issue. Looks like I’ll have to re-fly and make sure I am more careful on initial straight calibration and figure 8.

What version of the software are you using? When doing bleeding edge LiDAR scans and processing it is well advised to keep yourself on the latest version.

Likely the newer version will still process this dataset, give it a go and let us know.

I am using, File version - 3/18/2021 is the latest version. It should almost certainly fix your issue.

Make sure that you get all 3 things updated, and it is certainly worthwhile to go ahead and watch the updates thread linked above. You don’t want to miss out on any new features and functionality.