Why did my data process as if West of California somewhere?

I know I gave the correct base location, but for some reason, my data opened up in the completely wrong location. Is this a problem with the new software? Or did I do something wrong?

@Jim.cornerstone When you say “opened up” what do you mean by that? Are you talking about on a project at cloud.rockrobotic.com?

When rock cloud finishes processing, I always export a surveyor grid in a dxf format. And that’s how I import into my working dwg. Usually, the physical location matches my existing data, because I use a lat/ long of the point the emlid base was setting on. I used that coordinate when I did my preprocessing, but this time when I open the dxf, it’s not in the correct location. It is in the Pacific west of California for some reason, lol.

Yes, I’m talking about one of my projects on cloud.rockrobotic.com.
It is 23-775 sls- congleton.
Actually the last two projects I’ve done, since updating rock desktop are doing the same thing.

@Jim.cornerstone I grabbed the uploaded data (before reprojection) and put it in Rock Desktop and grabbed a point off of it using the point tool.

-8018765.76, 4168577.36, 862.24

This is that point in WGS 84 / 15N. Which would put it out in the Pacific Ocean.

The most likely culprit here is when you processed your data with Rock Desktop, you put a precise point and reversed the lat / long base position or didn’t put it in wgs 84 / Ellipsoidal height.

If the base position is entered incorrectly, then the entire point cloud will be moved with respect to the base.

If you have a ground control point in your dataset, you can always line the dataset up with the ground control and you will be good to go.

I thought you might be correct at first, because if the lat and long entry slots were reversed from normal, then I probably did enter them backwards. But I went back thru the process and I see that they’re not.
I have now pre-processed again, and double checked I entered my base crd correctly and it appears to still be doing the same thing.
The first time I uploaded these two projects, rock cloud assumed I was in the California area and suggested UTM Zone 10. So I changed from the suggested zones to my zones and set it to process.

Since reprocessing it, it still thinks I’m in California.
I don’t want to pay for more tokens to for Rock Cloud to process if its going to be the same thing.
Is there a way on your end to translate my data, so I don’t have to pay to re-process?

If this is Rock Surveyor, then yes you can move the dataset once processing is finished and your deliverables will be re-processed without having to pay again.

If you leave the lat long height blank when processing with Rock Desktop, does it do the same thing?