What Scans, What Won't

I’ve had several weeks to play with my R2A and I am starting to notice a trend…

What I find funny is that the Lidar captured the shadow, captured all the detail around it, just not the disc itself. There is another disc on the other side, also black, this one partially captured (looks like someone riding a horse). The missing disc is on the east (sun) side, the partial rendered disc is on the west side.

So, how does one capture that which one cannot see? I even slowed my capture speed down to +/-1.5m/s over the teepee itself and completed a several passes over and around it.

Has anyone else noticed these things?

I am also having “issues” capturing light standards. I can see the top, just not the pole… and I can see objects around the light standards that were captured… but the light standards are very bright, galvanized metal… would this too reflect light?

@FlyingRadioWaves It all depends on the reflectivity of the objects. The LiDAR sends out pulses of light and can measure the distance based on the light that is reflected back to the sensor. If the object is not reflecting the light, then the sensor cannot detect it.

Very black objects or mirror-like objects can cause the laser light to not reflect back to the sensor.