What actually Classifies with the ROCK Surveyor?

I am learning how to create our deliverable from the Rock Cloud using the token based processing. The software is easy upfront, but holds many other secrets that may need some trickery to work!
What exactly does the ROCK Surveyor “ground classify” when I ask it to generate contours for a given area (#1270)?

  • It did not classify my low vegetation, or med or high vegetation
  • It did not classify any buildings
  • Yes, I have ground shots… but in the demo I got, I saw Rock Robotic click the veg on/off, houses on/off and the contours. Did I use the right tool than? Or did I mess something up? I only get ground and everything else.

Question 2: I used the area selection tool to focus only on the area I wanted. It even asked me to make this a processable area! Excellent… so why am I unable to choose only the small area to process… it always wants the whole model or nothing. I feel like I missed a step here, and my understanding is that RR Cloud should have given me the option when I ordered processing.

Question 3: Where is the north arrow? I get so lost when I am cruising around my model.
Question 3a: What about a view reset? I sometimes overzoom or get “lost”, this would be cool. Currently, I just refresh my browser.

Question 4: We noticed that some of the contour lines cross over each other. Odd. There is also some detail of a failure that the contours did not classify very well. This maybe a function of the contour interval selected. Too bad we are unable to choose ANY contour interval.

Question 5: How do we load this into Civil 3D? It does not like data and stripping the awesome rich lidar data down to 150 points is, well, stupid and useless. Will a .dxf or .dwg file extension ever be available? Or did I miss this information somewhere in all the other information?

Thank you Rock for your time and knowledge in educating us.

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I 2nd the dxf/dwg file extension being a deliverable. We could really use it.

  1. ROCK Surveyor Marketplace Explanation - Includes the following:
  • Ground Classified laz file
  • SHP file containing geometry data
  • DBF attribute format file
  • SHX shape index file
  • DEM in TIF format
  • Accuracy Report (Business Plan)

Maybe you were confused with the ROCK Corridor Module as that will classify a lot more things than just ground!

  1. The area selection tool is used for other Deliverable packages besides ROCK Surveyor, that one is done by AI on the entire project.
  2. Reset is already there, and I can certainly ask for a North arrow to be more readily available. I think you might be the 3rd person to ask about that, which means you won’t be the last. Feature request submitted.

dxf/dwg are on our radar… It’s in the works

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@FlyingRadioWaves some more answers:

This is the reset button

  1. Yes, the contour lines are an abstraction away from the underlying data. Because of this and the interval, they aren’t going to perfectly match every detail.

Usually the lines that appear to cross, don’t actually cross. You may just need to pan your view of the cloud and look at it from a different angle.

  1. DXF is available via the Exports. Anytime there is a vector file associated with a deliverable or the project you will be able to select dxf as the export file type.

I knew there was a button hiding somewhere to reset my view!

Thank you for the clarifications on functionality, I was confused between the different offerings.


Ask and you shall receive!

a xml file would be most beneficial.

@mike-DRG an xml file for the classes used?