Vegetation Model

We have gotten some great feedback from the clients we have shown this too.

In two weeks we will be flying a test segment for a transmission corridor. The model you have developed and we have tested with the 0-5,5-10,10-15. It may be nice on the order option if we could input the vegetation clearance (ft needs) as every utility has different standards they trim by. You may even adjust the cost so if you order one encroachment its x and 2 its more and so on and so on. At the end of the day this all comes down to cost and if we can provide a cheaper option for them they likely can use this yearly and a large amount of miles. As drones we have to compete with helicopter based lidar and we aren’t able to fly as many miles so price and deliverables are the key to breaking into opportunity.

The client we are flying for would like to see 50ft radius as the line we are flying their ROW width is 100ft so if we highlight anything within that radius.

Also can you add a 75ft width option to the corridor width. I would say 75,100,150,200,300 would be great options. I would say likely you will see if the client has a 200 ft ROW they will want to be able to see all

A great option for development down the road is to be able to use the photos from the camera that takes photos during flight is to be able to add those to the cloud and when you are in the cloud and there is a violation you could click and see the photo of the actual vegetation.

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Fantastic feedback! Thanks @Lgeren.

We will be incorporating this feedback into future developments!

Great stuff @Lgeren keep it up man! We aim to build the Rock Cloud to a feature rich tool for everyone to use, and this kind of input spurs us to keep pushing and making a better product for you!

Hey guys, did the point cloud classification points ever get written to a exportable form?

All of the classification data is present in the exportable/downloadable 1.4 .las files created by vegetation management. Is it a version issue with the software you are trying to import into?