Utilizing R2A for ground-based, mobile capture

Has anyone used the R2A connected to a power source on the ground to capture/scan interiors of large spaces instead of traditional laser scanning methods? How does one go about getting the high velocity calibration triggered from the ground? Any tips or advice in general?

@RemoteOptix, the R2A algorithms are geared towards UAV data collection.

That being said, we’ve seen some users use a https://onewheel.com/.

I built a lidar mount for my RC Truck.
Drive fast, make your figure 8’s…

Now you can scan!

However, if you don’t have GNSS, the humble little lidar won’t give you anything useful.

Lidar scanning is traditional laser scanning… the awesome people at Rock are just making it better!

Remote Controlled Vehicle is one way. We’ve been successful in getting a decent model but we never got to the point of verifying the data by using conventional methods to compare. We started our LiDAR program by scanning previously surveyed projects and making comparisons. After a couple of months we were convinced our data was reliable. With the RC, it was still in testing mode. Now that we have the facade mount we are less ambitious to prove the RC method and we already have traditional Tripod mounted scanner for interiors.