Using the Facade Mount on DJI M210

Recently I was able to test out the R2A Facade Mount on our M210. The mount worked flawlessly, although I may need to add some height to the landing gear as the USB Drive is slightly touching the ground when stationary. I was so used to flying NADIR that the Facade mount introduced many opportunities to capture data that I otherwise could not before. It also made me approach the structure differently as I wanted to capture all angles. When in PcMaster, you MUST change the ROCK Orientation setting. I changed the orientation to the following:


Yaw : 90.000
Pitch : 0.000
Roll : -90.000

After changing the settings, the data was displayed correctly. This example applies to the M210 RTK. Overall, battery life was not affected much by the added Payload (Mount). I can not wait to see upcoming scans and the detail the Facade can capture. I am also going to be attaching the R2A facing upwards like recently mentioned in Harrison’s latest Youtube video to capture points underneath of whatever i am scanning.

Thanks again ROCK Robotics for an awesome product!

In addition:

You should technically change the orientation of the unit in the GUI prior to your capture. That sets you up for success for 2 reasons:

  1. It carries over those values to PCPainter.
  2. Your trajectory will process more quickly because it starts with those values instead of having to figure it out.

Also play with your range gate “distance” values in PCMaster in the Cloud Filters. We’ve found that it’s best to limit the far end to much closer than when doing a NADIR capture.

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