Using the EMLID as RTK Base

Anyone here using the EMLID not only to log RINEX for your ROCK LiDAR but also do RTK at the same time?

Yes, the Emlid RS2 can be used as a base station for drone surveys, and it has the capability to log RINEX and be used as the base for RTK simultaneously.

To configure the Emlid RS2, you can utilize Emlid’s caster. The setup process is similar to that of a Phantom 4 Pro (P4P), making it straightforward and accessible for users familiar with standard drone equipment.

Here’s some answers from a Facebook thread I made: Commercial Drone Mapping and Surveying | Anyone in here using the EMLID as the RTK base for the M300/M350

Question: Anyone in here using the EMLID as the RTK base for the M300/M350?

The configuration is done through Emlid’s caster, there are some videos from the same company that show how to do it, it is the same as the configuration of a P4P

Yes, works well.

Yep all the time

Hey Daniel, Yes I’ve been using the RS2+ as my base on a known point sending correction to the caster service for a while now. Connect my rover, RS2 to it shoot my GCP’s and grid then fly the site. My M300 is also pointed at caster for correction. Works well most of the time, the cellular capabilities on the RS2+ kinda suck, usually have to use a hotspot.