Urban vs semi-urban planimetrics

I am wondering what some of the main differences a client can expect when choosing urban vs semi-urban setting in planimetrics. If a client wants planimetrics captured in a definite urban area, but only selects semi-urban for the deliverables, what would be left out in comparison to urban setting?

There is a table/menu here that describes the differences:

Planimetrics won’t be the way it is for too much longer, it is getting an overhaul at the moment and we think you’ll be pleased with the new dashboard and deliverables packages!

In the meantime to answer your question more directly. The rural-urban settings are dictated by you, the user. If you had a dataset that was clearly in an urban area and you selected rural, it would go to the processing team and they would see that it’s not what you selected and then contact you to let you know that it wasn’t correct and then go from there.

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