Uploading an XML

Is it possible to upload an XML point cloud into Rock Cloud instead of just a LAS? I get a lot of clients that can’t wrap their heads around a surface visually sometimes. It would be super cool to be able to upload a surface that I have mass graded and could then show the new finished grade in a solid color or something overlayed with the colorized EG. I think that would be a great selling point for some of my clients that just need to be able to log in somewhere and see the 3d model without any tech skills. So to summarize

  1. Show the processed EG that I have flown
  2. In the same project file be able to upload an additional XML as a separate surface to visualize.

Might be more of a BIM model thing but would be a cool feature in Rock Cloud and I can already think of two or three projects that this would have been killer fo my client to use as a way to negotiate with the banks for funding.

I don’t think you and upload an xml directly. Depending on how the data is formatted in the xml, you could convert to an xyz with something like sublime text and then upload to the cloud! From what I remember the data needs to be in the format Title, X,Y,Z.

I looked into it last night. Does not appear to be possible. Maybe a new feature?

Can you send the xml? I’ll see if I can convert it

I don’t need to convert it. I guess I am more looking at the possibility of displaying two surfaces simultaneously in Rock cloud for visual reference purposes. Showing a client their EG surface colorized is great, then when I do my mass grading or road design being able to upload that grading surface into the cloud for a visual 3D reference is what I am hoping for. I appreciate the assistance though!

I got it now! Yes you could show these two datasets together. In the ROCK Cloud, you would just need to put these two datasets into two separate projects in the same directory/folder. then you can use the ‘Compare’ tool. Once you are in the compare view (3D), you can go to quick tools and use the compare button. this would allow you to see those two surfaces simultaneously in the ROCK Cloud!


Got it. But I would still have to convert my graded FG surface back to a LAS from an XML to upload it I believe?