Upload Ortho Photos in Rock Cloud

Hey guys! Our dev team has been hard at work and just yesterday pushed out an updated map view. You can now upload your own ortho photos to rock cloud and have your survey grade lidar contours overlaid on top! We also can colorize your DEM for better 2D viewing. More awesome features to come!


Does this mean that we can create orthomosaics within the cloud using our imagery or just that we can order planimetric for existing orthos?

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You can upload orthomosaics to the cloud for visualization on the map view with your contours and DEM and yes for planimetrics orders. Our order page is getting updated so feel free to email hello@rockrobotic.com if you want to get it rolling asap. MORE TO COME! :slight_smile:

Didn’t see how to get an ortho on the map view

You can upload a tiff in the project data! Right now it only will let you before you order deliverables but we should resolved that soon.

Where in the cloud do you click to create an ortho? I don’t see anything about creating one with our photos from the R2A

@JDW This is not meant to create an orthomosaic. It will display an uploaded ortho (.tiff) over your map screen.

I do not know if ortho creation is on their roadmap or not, but it would be pretty cool :eyes: :eyes:

That’s what I thought. thanks

Nothing yet, we are still laser focused on lasers ATM. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen, just not yet, and there are plenty of good Ortho algorithms out there to use that will generate you a great .tiff file to put in your project date.

Just don’t forget to georeference your photos after you’ve colorized in PCPainter.