UI Requests for Reprojections, Exports and Visualizer Changes

I just came across an issue that I feel could be relatively easily solved.
The Previous Exports list should also show the coordinate system and vertical datum for the file exported. It would also be great if the file name had the project name instead of export.

Also, when reprojecting and the visualizer is updating, the email that is sent out to verify the completion of that change over should give a summary of what was changed (please include EPSG codes for further validation) ex: original CRS and vertical → new CRS and vertical. While the visualizer is “processing” the UI menu on the left immediately shows the new horizontal and vertical selections. This can be confusing when you load a point cloud… the box should only show the change in this menu once the visualizer has finished updating.

While we’re talking about EPSG codes, the search function for reprojection is a bit wonky. Is there a different way we can show this? Maybe a search box, but also an option for dropdown list of descriptors to manually scroll through if you don’t know your EPSG code or the search results aren’t showing exactly what you’re hoping for?

Wanted to make a post about this since this tripped me up hard this afternoon while trying to QC ground control in what I THOUGHT was the right vertical datum just to have the visualizer update on me and now having to back track.


Great ideas @RSI_Eric

@Alex should have a look at that.