UgCS vs DJI Pilot

Hello all! New R2A pilot here. I wanted to poll the group on UgCS vs the DJI Pilot app. It looks impressive. Is it worth the investment? Just looking to get some opinions. Thanks!

Please take a hard look at Map Pilot Pro (from Maps Made Easy).

It is a stellar package, very easy to use, plan and execute even the most complex missions.

DJI Pilot SUCKS. It flies like garbage. If this was the only option, I would be hand flying my missions or find a different bird.

People really like their UgCS. I find it too much versus what I need (and found with Map Pilot Pro).

Sounds good. Thanks Ray.

I’ll be all alone in liking DJI Pilot 2- but it’s mostly because my area is pretty flat! :slight_smile: Pilot 1 was not great, Pilot 2 has been much better. Great discussion y’all!

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I really really enjoy UGcS. It can be overwhelming when first looked at but the granularity UGcS offers is very impressive. We are located in Upstate NY, so there is a lot of terrain variation and the terrain following is fantastic.

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Hi everyone i use the DJI Pilot 2 with sucess even in step terrain using a custom DEM but i know UgCS offer more features and looks impressive