UgCS Mission Planning - errors

Is it required or recommended to set take off and landing points for LiDAR area scans when using UgCS?

Sometimes our M300 does not fly in a straight line from the take off altitude (waypoint 1) to the calibration Pattern, and sometimes it does not fly in the correct direction after completing the Pattern to the first Area Scan waypoint.

Also, sometimes we get a RouteFailedtoUploaderror when attempting to upload a route to the M300 RC.

Any advice is appreciated.


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There are a couple things of note here:

Are you on the latest versions of the software on both the RC and the client?

It does help to set a take off point as that safely sets the AGL of the aircraft before you begin a mission. The same with landing.

After checking updates. If you are having continued trouble uploading a mission the best thing to do is to reach out to UgCS support directly as you may have discovered a bug, and they likely would like to know about it.