Turning point clouds into a flight sim level!

The plan is to use the Voxelization workflow I wrote in C for the liftoff simulator and use point cloud data instead of .stls and objs! I was sent here by Matt Dvorak he said there are probably people with good sample data to play with!

What I’d be looking for preferably would be a building with generally flat and clean walls without vegetation inside and out! I don’t know if that exists but it would be perfect! and or anything just straight cool to fly around!

The long-term goal is to have a small cheap lidar unit attached to an FPV drone and post-process it for flight training!

If anyone has a good sample It would be a huge help! A lot of the ones I was finding on google look very lowdef!

Benchy In Liftoff

I have included a model in the “Rock Stars” page that you may find interesting. It’s called Saamis TeePee… it is a really nice scan. Lots of acres to play with. Just north of here are cliffs, and some trees to the south and some interesting gaps in the teepee to fly around.
Let me know what you think.


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That link should get you to Ray’s Dataset.

Check this one out too.