Trimble Realworks LAS Compatibility

Does any one have any experience using Trimble Realworks with Rock Pointclouds? I’m looking to integrate ROCK data with LiDAR data from our Trimble TX8 scanner.

When I import a las file from ROCK into the Realworks software, it defaults to meters rather than usft so the point cloud itself is 3x larger dimensionally than it should be. So if ROCKCloud shows it as 5ft, this scales up 3.2808 times to be 5m or 16ft, causing everything to be three times larger (eg, a road measures as 100’ wide instead of 33’…)

Trimble said:

The issue is that TRW doesn’t read the extended Variable Length records (EVLR) from the header.
This section can contain the units used in the file. Usually it is stored in the VLR section and we do read it.
As we don’t find any units we use the meters by default instead of the US survey foot.
We can try to change this in the next version.

At the moment ROCK doesn’t use the VLR header for the projection as it is a legacy specification.