Trimble R10/R12 as base for flight

Has anyone been able to use a Trimble GPS receiver (R10/R12 or similar) as a base station for a drone flight? We have an M350 & R3Pro.

I know I will need to convert the t02 files to rinex, but I tried that and it still didn’t work with the files and gave me an error when I was processing trajectory. I ran the R10 in fast static mode.

Has anyone had any experience using a Trimble gps unit instead of the Emlid Reach?

We use Trimble equipment 100% of the time. Make sure you’re converting the *.t02 file to the correct rinex version. That’s the only issue we’ve ever had using a Trimble base station. Also, I would encourage you to set the logging interval to 1-second.

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Thanks! Do you use the faststatic setting in the trimble access controller and then make an observation using the trimble unit as a rover? I changed the log to 1 sec today so we’ll see if it helps.
What version of rinex do you convert it to? 3?

You definitely want it on 1 second, and yes Rinex 3 and up should be good! I haven’t used faststatic myself you just want to ensure it’s logging all constellations, every second, with a clear view of the sky.

Thanks. It occured to me that we probably need to be logging our data in UTM WGS84 rather than State Plane so we’re going to try again and use that t02 file to see what we’ve got. I switched it to 1 sec logging so fingers crossed on this.

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Ethan - maybe I’m missing something on our end, but I’ve tried it a few times. Can you humor me and list out the settings you’re using in Trimble Access to get it to work?


Sorry for the late response; I’ve been pretty busy. Make sure to convert to Rinex version 3.04 and that none of the processing controls are checked. As for the survey style, ours is set to “RTK & Logging”, 1s logging interval, 10° elevation mask, and we have all the constellations enabled. As for timing, ensure the base is running for at least 20 minutes before the R2A is powered on and at least 20 minutes after the R2A is powered off.