Travel on airlines with R1A

I am just finalizing a new case design for the R1A. From my experience. I travel a lot with my LiDAR unit and having a durable and secure case for carry-on or for checked luggage is really important. this pelican case is 16 x 6.87 x 13 inches is able to be carried on or checked. Most airlines have a limit of 22 x 14 x 9 inches

All good!


Great to know I can carry it with me without checking it. Can you share an image of how things are organized on the inside? Is there any extra storage?

Very cool, I use a pelican carry on size for all of my photo gear and it’s been rock solid. Pun intended.

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I’m working on a case for our unit that will hold the R2A, Reach Base, GNSS Antennae, and a laptop. We are fitting this into a Pelican 1507. The laptop we are using is a Dell XPS 15 9500; its size is perfect for this case setup. Once I get it completed I’ll post some photos.