Topcon Hiper SR - Rinex Conversion

I am currently using the Topcon HiperSR as my base station. Has anyone encountered issues when converting Topcon *.TPS files to a Rinex file that is compatible with Rockrobotic Desktop?

I’ve tried using TPS2RINEX V1.11, the Topcon online conversion website, and even went old school by using Topcon Tools. I’m confident that I’ve converted it correctly; this is not my first rodeo… haha.

When using the conversion programs, I end up with *.23G, *.23n, and *.23o files.

However, when I use the converted Rinex file, I encounter an error when processing the flight data. Surprisingly, if I use the Florida FPRN Rinex, I have no issues processing my drone flight.

I’ve faced the same error with multiple flights and Rinex-converted files.

Any help would be appreciated?

@Eddie.Jenkins can you post your rinex files so we can take a look?

I’m unable to post the files, I get an error message: “Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif, webp, avif)”.

Hi @Eddie.Jenkins I’ve still got your RINEX file on my end! We’ll take a deeper look.

Your rinex converter is defaulting to a version if RINEX that is not compatible with ROCK Desktop.
ROCK works with v3.x RINEX.

Use this command line with TPS2RINEX.exe to assign version 3 in export.
tps2rin -v 3.04 filename.tps