Top Mount for M300 Payload + R2A: Will this Work?

We have payload top mounts for our M300’s. If we mount the R2A on top (unit inverted), will

  1. the processing software handle this unit position? Would it be just adjusting the unit rotation specs during the processing, or…???
  2. when flown in non-GPS areas, how will this affect the Reach RS2 data collection, if any?
  3. possible flights would be in GPS and non-GPS areas…but would need to be merged during the processing phase. Is this possible?
  4. are there any other additional ways a mission such as this, would not be possible using the R2A and Reach RS2, M300 platform?

Thanks in Advance!!!

  1. The R2A is pretty smart and will detect it’s orientation in space. You may need to play with your camera settings.
  2. GNSS denied areas WILL affect your data quality. Have good gcps.
  3. You can merge your flights, yes… but if the GNSS denied data set is “wacky”, your data quality may suffer. There are smart people on this forum, they an chime in.
    In my experience, my GNSS denied models were poor quality.;
  4. If your mounting your R2A “upside down” on your M300, have fun flying under stuff! Make sure your pilot knows and understands the dynamics of flight in a gnss denied environment and how the M300 will handle such things.

Make sure you post some pics! I’ve wanted to test this out myself. One item of note that I thought of when considering doing this would be to simply attach the GNSS antenna directly to the R2A (Sticky Mount on the back of the camera) as it is now exposed to the sky and this could potentially minimize the lever arm movement even more and therefore provide you even better data.

Of course the caveat with this is that using it in a GNSS denied environment for more than a few seconds is most certainly going to result in issues with data quality. Until we have a proper SLAM based module this is simply not an ideal solution. It does have tremendous potential however with the Facade mount that you are on the short list for.

figured as much on the processing of GPS-denied areas of the flight. we’ll have to just wait for the facade mounts to arrive, then. THANKS!!!