Today I hit the wrong Red Button

is there any way to salvage my flight data from data if I accidentally hit “shutdown” instead of “stop”

maybe we need to make them not right next to each other and the same color - it was bright as can be and I just fat fingered it after being out all day in 95 degree heat.

I see not .ppk files just a data file on my flash drive. I didn’t even realize I had hit the wrong button -

please advise.

You can open a new project from PCMaster and then select ALL the .data files and it will work. You will have to copy and modify a ppk.pcpp file to make painter work though.

When I hit new project it will only let me select a text file for trajectory, not all the .data files. I only have a folder of .data files. Is there a workaround or do I have to have a .text file?

yup. Beta PCMaster will let you do that. Email and I can send it to you. Make sure you uninstall the previous version.

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I have the same problem, shut down improperly and i have the .data files, Where can i get this Beta PCMaster

I tried running the beta and for the first 36 minutes of the scan it worked great but, the last 12 minutes has been cut off. How do I recover that?

Are you sure that it was recording for that time period? If you loaded the .data files into PCMaster it should reconstruct the project as normal and use all the data present to create your LiDAR point cloud.