The track .txt file is missing from my processed folder

Hello All and Rock team,

Today a processed a small project on the Rock Desktop and the point cloud was produced just fine but when i went to copy over the track file that is usually in the “processed” folder and a .txt it was not there. In the Rock Desktop software the track file is obviously available because i was able to select with parts of the trajectory to include or not include in the point cloud. The “processing_report.html” reports that a final lever arm was calculated with a 0.6mm error.

Where do i find the trajectory file now? has it moved? For downstream processing standard and required for our workflow and project results we need to access the final trajectory file. Can anyone point me to where it is now or how to get it?

Thank you.

That was a bug with the 1.7 release of Rock Desktop (fixed on 1.8 release) but if you go to file explorer and navigate to the folder with your project, this is for windows 11, select the three dots next to “view” at the top of the window and then select “options”.
Once you have options open select the tab called “view” at the top of the window. In the middle of that window there is an option that says “Show hidden files, folders and drives” select this option and then hit “apply” then “ok”.
Now go to “processed” folder in your project files and go into the .tmp file that should be viewable now. Scroll all the way down and you should find your .txt file.
Hope this helps!