Hello Community , We have an Issue With The R3 Pro GNSS Receiver , Got Damaged and We Ordered a New Unit From ROCK ROBOTIC , Received it Safely.
But we still are getting the "CHECK GNSS ERROR " , Have tested Continuity on all Connection Ports all is Well , Is there another Solution That we can Try Software Wise.

I just started getting this message as well. Very frustrating.

Please verify that the R3Pro has the most recent firmware version. Additionally, you want to make sure that you have a clear view of the sky when trying to make the GNSS connection.

I’ve yet to see any direction on how to get firmware updates. There hasn’t been a new one since I got my unit, but I should know how to do it. Do we hook it up to a computer, or is it done through the Rock Pilot App?

Here is the Knowledge Base article that details updating the firmware on your R3pro. Also, if the USB drive on your R3Pro is more than 90% full, it will not get pass the GNSS test.

Good stuff! I’ve been though the knowledge base multiple times but didn’t see that. I appreciate it!