The Land Consultants, LLC - NEW R2A/DJI M300 RTK Delivered

Myself and my team are excited to take the plunge into the LiDAR world. We have been using DJI P4P’s for a few years for photogrammetry, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger on a LiDAR system until now. I have read much about several types of systems of the years, but ultimately chose the Rock system. I have enjoyed watching Harrison on youtube from the beginning, and David Song was excellent at explaining the system. Matt has been great helping me get onboarded. First flight is in the books and the data looks great. Hoping to fly a 20 acre site tomorrow for a proposed residential development!

Travis Shields, PLS

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This is good news!

Many of the skills you learned with your Phantoms will translate nicely to the lidar data capture.


Welcome to the family…