The Export LAZ... Color vs. Intensity

Once the data has been processed and the we play with the settings in PC Painter to align everything, we load the colorized point cloud data into the Rock Cloud and begin quality control.
We all know that the “intensity” view is the most accurate and where the QA/QC of the data takes place. Now, when we flip over to “rgba”, the data is now color, but the alignment is not always perfect. Sometimes the error can be fantastic, requiring further adjustment, but after some practice, its typically very close. Very close is not exact and here is my question:

  • When I export the point cloud, does it export the “intensity” data or does it export the “rgba” data?
  • If it is the “rgba” data, and its not perfect, will people relying on the data forever be clicking or making decisions from a colorzied point cloud that could be one or two inches off reality?

It exports a colorized point cloud, and you can still view it in the intensity view. So if you are asking if it’s forever locked to the RGBA view, then the answer is only until you change it to a different view.

So my export is in color view, which could be “not accurate” when viewed.
This troubles me… because we take this data elsewhere for analysis.

I know I can change views in Rock Robotic, but once I export it… I’m stuck?
How do I export the intensity view only?

WE do very little measurement/analysis in the Rock cloud, we are always exporting the data.

I don’t believe that is the case, likely a limitation of the software that you are using. The simplest check would be to upload the exported .laz file back into a Rock Cloud project and check the intensity view. It should certainly be there!

If you import clouds into cloudcompare or similar, all of the classifications and views are saved as scalar fields. You can choose between RGB / Intensity / Elevation etc. and add/subtract new ones. When you export from rock cloud you can choose to save all of the fields.

Exactly @DroneCanada! The rgba view is using an attribute on the point, just like the intensity view is showing the intensity attribute of the point. The points themselves don’t move, the view of the points just change. When it goes through export both attributes are retained. Being able to view in rgba or intensity (outside of Rock Cloud) would be the limitation of the software used.