Terrain Following on the DJI Pilot 2 app- HUGE UPDATE FOR M300

GUYS! Check this out!!! This is HUGE. You can download terrain following data on the m300 controller from the internet now. No need to make the file in GIS or even…dare I say…use UGCS?

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This is actually bigger than huge for me.

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That’s great! i did it using “custom” DEM but take time and sometimes is frustating to do it!

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Got a report from a new user they used this feature several times with 100’ of elevation change and it worked perfectly!

Had a good experience flying at 70m, 50% sidelap, 8 m/s, using dji pilot 2 and its terrain following feature. Total elevation gain/loss was 400+ ft. Gave me confidence for the more technical flights in the future in the technical terrain I work in.