Take OPUS point direct from report or convert

This article “Using OPUS to compute a precise point with the EMLID Reach RS2 f”

implies pulling Lat, Long, EL HGT values directly from OPUS solution report from the ITRF2014 column and imputing that into RockDesktop. Is this what other people are doing from the OPUS reports or making some conversion. If so, which conversation are you using and for lat/long only or for height?

We have something similar in Canada.
Essentially, I occupy my point and “cook” it. Once its done “stewing”, I take my gnss observation file of that point and enter this data in the system.
There is some magic in background and it spits back the “corrected” point, which could be several meters different than what you believed.
Simply taking a “shot” with your gps is no better than if you walked out there with your Garmin handheld gps.

So yes, cook your point. Take that observation data and enter into the OPUS. The supplied x,y,z is “corrected”, enter that data into Rock.

OR… get a surveyor to place points for you…
OR… get a survey grade gps set up that is auto corrected from the signal (we have Cannet, beacons out correction data most of the time) or the Rock Network (same idea)… than your point will be exact every time.