Suggestion: trajectory reporting

A lot of our clients are familiar with a processing report of our block adjustments, camera calibrations, etc from normal photogrammetric missions. With our Leica LiDAR, we are able to get a basic report on our misclosures on the trajectory post processing, point density, etc.

It would be great if we could get this info from PCMaster. Like a simple text file with the trajectory end misclosures, INS/GNSS offset calcs, basically all that stuff that flashes up during the processing that I desperately try to screen grab before it disappears during processing on PCMaster!


@navigator Could be useful…

I’m going to send an example report that Pospac puts out to support since it won’t let me upload PDF here.

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This is exactly what our clients expect.

@laserboy @RSI_Eric A similar report will be coming out with the next version of PCMaster. We are currently in the testing phase. More to come.

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