Strip Alignment for ROCK LiDAR

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using the DJI L1 for some time and I’m familiar with its strip alignment feature. I have an R360 as well and I’m having trouble finding an option for strip alignment similar to the DJI L1. Has anyone else faced this issue or know the reason behind this? Any insights or workarounds would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

It’s worth noting that the process for strip alignment differs between the DJI L1 and the ROCK LiDAR series.

With the DJI L1, you have the convenience of getting your data strip aligned directly in the ROCK Cloud. To achieve this, you simply select the strip alignment feature and upload your SBET file when ordering ROCK Surveyor.

On the other hand, for the ROCK R2A, R360, and R3 Pro, the strip alignment is handled differently. The alignment is conducted during the creation of the point cloud when the data is processed using the ROCK Desktop software. Once processed, you can then upload the aligned data to the ROCK Cloud.

I hope this clears up the differences in the alignment process for these systems!