Strange Point Cloud

We have been trying to use Rock desktop with little success. We flew a Test site yesterday for a new dataset to work with. The point cloud is coming out strange, Wavy and buildings looking Really long and funny.
I tired to get to the Lidar Strip alignment in Rock Desktop and wasn’t able to find consistent data

R360 with latest Firmware on a WISPR Ranger Pro. We also have the latest version of Rock Desktop

Hey Brian,

We’re taking a look at this and when we have the resolution we will post this here!

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I too have had these strange returns. Speaking with Rock Support, I understand that there are a few orientation/alignment issues they are still working out.

I believe there is another update/fix coming this week!

This was from PCMaster, looks normal

This is an orientation issue when processing. The latest release of Rock Desktop will auto fix most orientation issues!

We were able to get this processed without issue with the new version.


The second set of data I tried to process gave me very strange point clouds as well. I’ve now flown the project 3 times thinking it was something I did, I’ve processed it three times on my end, but this isnt working…

Hi @Jim.cornerstone send in your dataset and we can take a look. It’s hard to say what the issue is without seeing what you’re seeing.

Thanks for looking into this.
I’m just worried I’ll lose a good client if I can’t get this figured out.

I re-flew 23-777 sls yesterday afternoon.
I flew it this time in 3 separate zones, 23-777A, B, and C.
A and B are uploaded now, C is being uploaded as we speak.
I rather process them together.
The precise base point I used is: 34.89464390 -94.61505614

I’ll be on the road today, but will try to check in… Thanks!

@Jim.cornerstone We looked at those three projects and they don’t appear to exhibit a point cloud like this post: