Sony a5100 Questions

I am having trouble with the camera on cloudy days… any suggestions?

175ft Agl, terrain following, 8mph… camera is on factory setting other than a 2sec interval.

Standard GCP marking zoom

context example:

PS those were the easy areas…
these just failed to calibrate in Pix4D

Can you share one of the .jpg files? It’s interesting to check the exposure settings in the EXIF.

They are all F. 4 (could be lower), 1/250th (WAY too slow),
iso ranges from 100 to 320.

I wonder what a light sensor paired with the GNSS antenna on top could do to help the a5100 produce better photos in variable lighting…? @navigator have you thought about that?

I think it may be a weakness of the automatic weightings in the camera… prioritizing F stop and ISO over shutter speed (camera presumes its not moving). It seems to sense the amount of light available… fairly dynamically and fairly well, but then applies the wrong solution.

Would a shutter priority automatic setting work better? In the past I’ve had issues with that on Sony cameras as well though… tended to jump to ISOs ~900’s.

Wish I could set automatic within limits and hierarchy… :wink:

I think this is related to the new camera model. We have seen it not configured properly with FW It needs FW to be configured to the right settings: 1/1000, F4.0, Automatic ISO. @RR_Flight_Ops do you guys have FW

@navigator That’s our current firmware available yes.