SLAM - how to conduct a capture?

I haven’t been able to get out due to weather to do my first Lidar scan using out M300 so I thought I could practice using it hand held… I was a little too eager and didn’t realise the latest firmware was to enable SLAM on the R2A. This gave me time to purchase an external battery and work on other things.

My questions are.

Do you need to do a figure of 8 pattern like I see on the tutorials for capturing via drone?
Any settings need to be changed as I am using the façade mount as a handle to carry it?
Do you still need to have the GNSS base station setup?
Can you do this indoors without onboard GNSS?

I have never done any Lidar work before, flown drones for about 4 years now and I have done a lot with photogrammetry but this is another skill set that is becoming more and more in demand in my work (local government) and I can’t wait to start creating data for others to use internally so all the help would be appreciated.


Hi @Craig_Hobart !

We will be releasing full tutorials on SLAM data capturing soon. We are in the final testing phases of releasing the SLAM processing for the Rock Cloud.

Stay tuned!

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Your photogrammetry experience will be an excellent asset to your Lidar tradecraft! Many of the principles are the same. The subtle difference is that the R2A is in constant scan mode, think of it like infinity forward overlap!
I fly up to 50% overlap, depending on the complexity of the geometry you would like to capture. You will adapt quickly.

I can’t wait to test my SLAM!

Rock keeps teasing us… if they keep this up, they will owe us beer. :grinning: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Heading out today for my first Lidar mission, just practice and testing. Great day in the middle of what has and will be absolute horrible weather for flying.

Thanks for the tips and encouragement.

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Same here Craig! I’ve been wanting to fly for like a week and a half and it keeps raining :frowning:

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