Shift in Final Ortho Image - UTM17N

This entire thread applies to IMAGES only! The LiDAR has no issues, we are only see the follow issue when the coordinates are being written to the IMAGES.

When we process images in Pix4D in UTM17N we are seeing a North shift of about 3’ and a West shift of about 1.7’. We do not see the shift when we are working in UTM16N.

My only question is, is anyone else seeing this?

I’m not going to claim to be the authority, but just some background for people that may assume we are not using the correct base point or we fat fingered our bases. This is showing up in all our projects in UTM17N. The most recent was a 35 mile corridor that had multiple base points. We are a very, very experience mobile and aerial LiDAR mapping firm. We have intimate knowledge of Inertial Explorer and have full licenses. We don’t have access to Rock’s exports and settings. When working with our autonomous car clients, we had to deliver data in precise datums and epochs. And seeing this shift looks like a WGS to NAD shift. Very few programs actually define these datums correctly and then are able to shift between them. But this shift looks like a WGS84 to NAD83 datum shift, which Inertial Explorer is capable of doing.

So this is more of a poll question, is anyone else see this similar shift in image coordinates, which would show up in a final ortho photo?

Keep in mind, if you are holding control points FIXED in Pix4D, you won’t see this. You would see this when you first pick your GCPs or if you did not fix GCP and only selected check points, then you would see it in your final image.