Seminars/Classes and Expos


My name is Brendon. I’ve been looking into starting a small business in LiDAR Drone Surveying for a couple months now but want to accelerate my learning and understanding of the possibilities that exist in this field. I’ve worked with survey gear for the last couple years and understand the basics but want to get hands on learning with drones or more in-depth marketing advice on how to get clients. I’ve watched almost all the Indiana Drones videos and absolutely LOVE them! What I’m curious with is are there any expos or multiple day classes out there that would help me better understand this industry? One class I’ve found online is Drone Command Virtual. Is this a good online class?
Thanks for any advice you guys are willing to give me, I really do appreciate it and I’m excited to be a part of this group!

Check out Dylan Gorman on Facebook/LinkedIn. He has several in person classes starting soon on photogrammetry - also check out Commerical Drone Mapping and Surveying on Facebook.

Thanks Daniel! I’ll have to check that out!