Say hey to ROCK Desktop say goodbye to PCMaster!

Guys, it’s time to upgrade from PCmaster to ROCK Desktop. Doesn’t cost anything, and it’s easy. Way better user experience, and you can see it so clearly in the field, unlike PCMaster. Automatically makes and LAZ and tags your photos! One click upload to the cloud, just name it and it starts uploading, shows up right away!

If you have a an issue with PCmaster, our first step is going to be asking you to upgrade to ROCK Desktop.

Let’s ROCK!

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Just used the full process tonight for the first time. Would be cool to have an increment option along with the slider for choosing trajectory, it can be difficult to dial it in just right. Other than that it works AWESOME! Super smooth, much better than PC Master.

Hey Guys, I don’t see where i can tell the Rock Desktop where my base position is, that seems to be a missing step from PC Master.

Thats correct, that feature will be added soon.

not rushing the process but is there a rough time frame for adding the feature where we can input our base coords?

i agree here. would be nice to be able to fine tune a little better. maybe use the scroll wheel on the mouse or something?

I saw the beta yesterday. Will be out soon.

Shouldn’t make a huge difference since you have to adjust to the GCP in rock cloud anyways?

I don’t trust the alignment tools as much as I trust the input base coordinates feature. This truly is a must have feature, like a seat belt in a car important.

Yes, we can adjust GCPs, which is great (airbag important).

Rock is getting way better at this… I am finding less need to adjust (not like I used to have to).

Rock Desktop is like re-learning Windows… Now where did they put “any key” again??


Keep your eyes peeled for this feature coming soon! Thanks for the feedback!

Had no issues with PC Master processing but when I tried an existing project to test with Rock Desktop, I put the same YAW values in but still get a distorted output. Rock 360 180 YAW 0 PITCH 0 ROLL. There are no other values to input. Suggestion?