RTK-VRS Data Collection

Is anyone here logging into the VRS network with the Matrice 300RTK/R2A. We are switching from the Phantom 4RTK and currently do not run a base station and have been extremely successful with our workflow. With this system every image is a control point and corrections are applied to each photo. LiDar isn’t photos I understand this. Does the rock system require a base station? Is anyone using a Leica GS16 Base Station? We currently use Leica and don’t want to purchase yet another piece of equipment. Going to starting figuring all this out next week as the entire system M300/R2A arrived on Friday.

Have you had a chance to test your M300/R2A using a VRS yet? We have our own permanent JAVAD base station that sends out corrections via NTRIPS. I just wondering if I would be better off starting a static observation for each flight or if I will be able to rely on the RTK corrections and still get good accurate data.