RR R360? What's it all about?

Seeing some hints at this. What kind of specs are we looking at here?

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Pretty hungry for news.

I got impatient…. Not sure weather to face forward or backward. Just gotta get the battery situated

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This is awesome!!! I did some building last night as well! The case backpack is a great idea!


I used the case for the R2A because it’s less bulky, and I strapped it to the frame of a leaf blower. (Lol) I know that’s super redneck, but it’s literally the perfect size / shape / material.



What model of DJI Ronin did you use? How did you mount the SKYPORT? Can you power it from the Ronin?


Can you send me info on you components used to mount the LIDAR to for SLAM use. I’m wanting to mount a backpack rig with cables, Skyport Connector Blank, Battery etc. I like the leaf blower backpack rig idea. I was thinking the same for a rigid frame.

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What about an XT60 adapter using a DJI TB55 or even TB60 as part of a backpack SLAM setup?

I really just bought a couple of these Ram mounts from Amazon, and some stainless stuff from Ace hardware
Rock sent me a skyport blank that I mounted to the Ram Mount using the Carbon fiber. I may need to make it a little higher above my head with a longer piece of carbon fiber.

Using DJI TB60 battery is total overkill and a waste of money.

You can get superior performance and endurance and weight savings for 10% of the cost of one TB60 by using a 4S 5000mah GensAce battery.

And its simple to hook in AND no adapters AND super commonly available.

Is there a tb60 to xt60 or usb-c adapter? This would be awesome!

Using a tb60 battery to power the lidar is like using a Peterbilt semi truck to haul your 12’ fishing boat to to the lake.

Unless I am missing something, using a 12s battery that weighs 1kg versus a battery that weighs a fraction of that AND has more reasonable voltage levels?

I’m confused. You have a state of the art lidar set up AND you want to put the largest, clunkiest battery on it and walk around??