RockCloud Scattering Pointcloud Features

Something seemed to happen overnight in the RockCloud. I uploaded a couple pointclouds which were colorized. They looked good and exactly how I would expect them to look later that day. Turns out I needed to adjust the vertical datum so I changed it (ESPG 6360 > EPSG 6360 (geoid 12b)) and let it do its thing. When the viewer was refreshed and updated I went and took a look but nearly all of the “Material” features (GPS Time, Intensity, RGB, etc) are scattered. Do you have any suggestions on how to resolve this? I am including a few pictures of side by sides with another pointcloud program vs RockCloud.


@Elevate Thanks for this. We are actively looking into it.

We’ll post an update when it is resolved.

@Elevate we know the cause and will be pushing a fix by tonight.

The scattering of the point data occurs when reprojecting twice. (or more times). The quick fix is to re-upload your data and only reproject once.

I had a feeling it was something related to reprojecting.

Sounds good. Thanks!

@Elevate this was fixed on Friday. We’ve been monitoring this week and all seems good.