RockBases asNTRIP for Mavic 3E

I’ve gotten the M3E to connect to the RockBases around me. Seems like it might be able to work for this application… fingers crossed.

In testing this out, I would like to see what kind of corrections I am getting from the base to my rover (drone). I only ask, because it took me a long time to realize that my SmartNet corrections were coming in as a NAD83 Geodetic correction. and then the drone was tagging the images in LLH. So I was having to tell Pix that my images are in a NAD83 geodetic coordinate with an ellip offset to geoid.

Anyone have a better understanding of whether or not the corrections from the Rock NTRIP are coming in pure WGS84 or are the projected to a UTM or something?

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Here are the outputs of the corrections