Rock Robotics Pilot App

Hello I am not seeing this in the Google Play store, but have seen several reference to being able to download it from the play store. Can I get a link where I can download the Rock Pilot app

Hi @jmosher

The Rock Pilot app is not available on the play store.

Currently it is only used to switch between Aerial and SLAM mode for the M350. It does not currently support flight.

Any idea when this app will become available for the M350? The advertised feature of being able to see the LiDAR capture live was of great interest to me and helped me to choose the R3Pro.

I just watched a youtube video where he planned it all out in flight?

Seeing that the new firmware update on the R3Pro stated an reason was Rock Pilot app, does this mean it is available now?

We recently picked up a Samsung galaxy tab S9 FE in order to switch from SLAM mode back to aerial mode for the R3Pro. After installing the latest apk, an error message comes up with missing permissions. All permissions have been allowed. Is there a reason for this with the latest version?

I’m also having this issue, new R3Pro member. Did you find a solution for this?

Hello. Is this Rock Pilot App now available for Lidar missions? This is one of the reasons I am interested in upgrading to the PRO.

If so what has everyone’s experience been with it?

The Rock Pilot app has not been updated to support the live point cloud view, mission planning, and sensor control for the M350 + R3 Pro combo as far as I know.

You can download the existing Rock Pilot beta version of the app but it is not reliable to use during missions. I’ve had several occasions where the drone (M350) automatically initiates RTH due to low battery, the app stops the mission without the ability to resume after swapping batteries. We’ve even run into the issue where pausing the mission to manually RTH also does not allow you to continue the mission after swapping batteries. We’ve had to reschedule flies because of this wasting our batteries.

We’ve been waiting on this functionality for almost a year now. Really hope this gets updated soon. Especially with the new update to R3 Pro v2.0…

I have the same problem but solve it by pausing the mission and also pressing RTH just before the drone reaches low battery, then I can swap batteries there and then resume the mission! It works for me

New update just dropped. Thanks ROCK team!

ROCK Pilot - v2.00.03 works perfectly! THANKS!