Rock_lib/build/test file not generated when working outside of rock_install_directory

First of all hello everyone !

First post as a beginner here.
I’m currently working on rock from a docker:

ubuntu 20.04, docker config below:


#arguments init

#downloading required pkg
apt-get update
apt-get ${_apt_get_option} install ruby-full git sudo

#installing rock
mkdir -p ${ROCK_ROOT}
wget -q

echo "___________________BOOTSTRAP______________________"
chmod +x
yes "" | ./

echo "source ${ROCK_ROOT}/" >> ~/.bashrc
. ${ROCK_ROOT}"/"

#setup rock
echo "______________________AUP______________________"
git config --global ""
git config --global "yeet yeet" 
yes "" | aup     #autoproj update

echo "______________________AMAKE______________________"
yes "" | amake   #autoproj build

. ${ROCK_ROOT}"/"

I would like to be able to work from another folder than the rock_root directory from where rock has been installed (workspace directory mounted from my computer where my work will be easily saved).

The problem is that after having (very) closely followed this tutorial I found that the last part (testing) could only be achieved if the rock-create-lib ${lib_name} was called from the rock_install_directory.
Otherwise, the build/test file is not generated and test cannot be executed.

following commands are extracted from (the end of) the tutorial :

#until this part everything works fine fine
autoproj test enable tutorials/message_driver #works ok
amake # works fine

#last command is not ok 
./build/test/test_suite # cannot be executed because there is not test folder nor any test_suite binary

I know that this was specified at the beginning of the directory. However, the open wikistart from the DFKI tells that it doesn’t matter in which folder the library is created.

SO MY QUESTION IS : WHY IS IT NOT WORKING ? why can’t I generate a build/test folder from outside the rock_install_directory ? Is there any way I could do that ? thanks in advance for your time ! :wink:

@greg_is_greg this community is for LiDAR data capture and processing and not

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Sorry my bad, it’s a spurious correlation to have a platform named rock for robotic and a company named rock robotic. Well thank you for your help.