ROCK Hydrology; Topo + canal project

I have a potential project where there is a 15ft wide canal about 4-5ft deep and 1500ft long running through the entire site. The client wants full contours for the area, including the ‘bottom’ of the canal. Seems like maybe bathymetry could get good data on the bottom of this canal, but I’m wondering if this would be a situation where the ROCK Hydrology deliverable could get the job done. I’ve seen it mentioned on here that GCPs are used for specific deliverables. If I get multiple GPS points throughout the length of the canal, including z values at the bottom of the canal, does the Hydrology contour deliverable use that data to achieve accurate contours of the canal? will the Hydrology contour deliverable achieve contours for the rest of the terrestrial area or will you have to also need to run the ROCK Surveyor to get both?

@Russ I’m on vacation this week, so I’m not actively monitoring community posts. But, sounds like an interesting job!

I’m assuming that the canal is full of water. I would think you could get a 10ft long pole with an rtk receiver on top to go down the canal in a boat to get the points in the canal. Bathymetry LiDAR would likely be prohibitively expensive in comparison.

Rock Hydrology can incorporate the gcps that you get under the water to provide contours of the entire area. Just upload your GCPs and they will be used.

I use a hydrolite to collect bathy data to merge with LiDAR and ground survey. Connects to most total stations and RTK units.